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We want your work experience to be effortless and energizing.


 We believe that people are the most productive when they have the best tools.  Whether it's working with spreadsheets, presentations, reports or papers, we want to provide you with the applications and experiences that transcend the status quo and propel you to new levels.



CellNexus is an add-in for Excel that allows you to understand and audit formulas like never before. It consolidates repeated formulas, vastly reducing the number of formulas you have to review. It also creates a map of formulas in your document, allowing you to easily understand connections within your document.


Presmo is a novel mobile application for viewing PowerPoint decks. Unlike existing applications, which merely scale down content to fit the screen,  this app optimizes your slides by rearranging slide content, adjusting font sizes and maximizing text contrast so that you can read and scroll through your deck with minimal effort.


Grapheme is a prototype integrated office productivity application. It seamlessly integrates all the functionality of a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation application into a single interface and a single file format. Moreover, it provides users with new capabilities for linking and viewing content. Grapheme is the solution to the clutter that inevitably results from using traditional office productivity suites.