With CellNexus, the days of picking through individual formulas are over. CellNexus consolidates formulas based on repeating patterns and presents them to you in an easy to understand visual format. It also maps out dependencies and generates a network diagram for your entire workbook, and identifies possible errors.

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Visual formula display

CellNexus consolidates formulas and presents them in a way that makes it easy to understand what the writer of the formula was trying the achieve. All formula groups in a particular sheet or the entire workbook can be viewed sequentially, providing you with confidence that nothing has been missed.

Calculation flow network

Take charge and examine all formulas in a single view to understand the connections between them. You can also selectively visualize dependents and precedents, allowing you to clear visual clutter and see the sequential progression of a calculation.


Formula inconsistency detection

CellNexus identifies situations where adjacent ranges of cells have different formulas, which may be the result of errors or are opportunities for optimization.

Formula Flagging

In CellNexus, you can flag formulas with three different colors. This allows you to work systematically, marking all formulas that have been reviewed, and isolating formulas with problems that need to be addressed.

Flagged Subset.png

CellNexus is an Excel add-in. It runs entirely on your computer, and does not access your file system or the internet in any way (except for a third party licensing component). Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding privacy, security or configuration of the application.


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