If you had an office productivity app that put all your content at your fingertips, helped you stay organized, and made your work experience fast and fluid, it would look like Grapheme.


All your content In one place

With Grapheme, all the assets you need to complete your project - text, images, slides, spreadsheets, charts and pivot tables - are organized into folders. Instead of having your work scattered across multiple files and folders on your computer, you can keep it all together in one place.

Keep everything connected

Connect content items to each other, allowing you to see relevant information right where you've referred to it. You can even have conversations within your document and keep them associated with the original topic of interest.


Tag anything

Remember where you got something, who said what, what they said, when they said it and more. Create your own tags and use them to annotate anything, and search and collect items from your document for analysis and review.

Save versions of items, not the whole document

Instead of saving version after version of a document, only save versions of items that you need. Then restore prior versions with the touch of a button.


View your content any way you want

Instead of scrolling through documents, or jumping across different applications, configure your work space to see any combination of items at once.

Write fewer formulas

Grapheme spreadsheets have formulas at the row and column level, and only use row and column header labels. The result: much fewer formulas to write, and you can easily understand the formulas you've written.


Understand your formulas

Grapheme's formula audit feature allows to see how all the formulas in your document work together. Instead of clicking through cell after cell, you can instantly verify formulas and identify problems that need to be addressed.

Create sophisticated layouts

Use various layout panels, including grids and trees to show visual content. Panels can also be nested within each other, providing opportunities for creative layouts.


Reuse content

Content items, such as slides, can appear in multiple places at once, and remain synchronized. So if you have to create multiple versions of a presentation that share slides, the shared slides will remain synchronized across all versions of your deck.

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