How to use Grapheme

1. The Interface

Learn how to navigate the Grapheme interface, including the menu system and folders

2. Creating Content

This video shows you how to quickly create folders and populate them with content items.

3. Layouts

Grapheme offers you a wide variety of layout options. Learn how to create canvases, grids, linear panels and more.

4. Metadata

Metata is an important feature of Grapheme, allowing you to tag items and have conversations within a document about any piece of content.

5. Formulas & Spreadshets

Grapheme allows you to create tables that have formulas at the row and column level. Learn how to create such formulas and quickly audit them.

6. Charts & Pivot Tables

Grapheme offers an interface that allows you to explore your data as you configure your chart or pivot tables. Learn how to select your data, select chart type, configure and add the chart to your project.

A Balance Sheet

Learn how to take a balance sheet that was created in Excel, and transform it to a Grapheme balance sheet. See how you can group rows, create formulas and audit the entire spreadsheet.

Grid Layouts

Rectangular grids are a powerful tool in Grapheme. Learn tocreate a grid, add content to cells, and edit the rows and columns. Finally, see how a grid can be used as a layout template for slides.