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Information work is a critical component of any company or business, and the best way to do such work is to have the best tools. We are always looking to push the boundaries and create applications that will save you time, provide greater insight and improve work satisfaction.

The Team


David Grosfeld, Founder

I am a former research scientist and management consultant, and have long felt that the current paradigm of office applications (separate word processor, presentation application and spreadsheet) is fundamentally inefficient. When content is scattered into multiple files, file formats and folders, more time and effort has to be spent spent working with it. As a management consultant, I managed complex projects involving numerous information assets, and always wished I had better tools to manage and work with these assets. This was the motivation for Grapheme, which is not my first effort, but actually the third, beginning with Semantic Office (2011, which attempted to use RDF to represent document content) and Archipelago (2014, which modeled documents as graphs).

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