Presmo: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Presmo?

Presmo is an app that optimizes your PowerPoint slides for easy viewing on a mobile device. Presmo is currently only available for Android, though additional platforms are under consideration.

How does Presmo work?

Presmo analyzes PowerPoint slides and reorganizes the content so that it best fills the screen of your mobile device. It looks for relationships between items on the slide and determines which can be separated and shown vertically, and which must stay together. Items that must stay together (like parts of a diagram, for example) are shown in their original form. The app also adjust font sizes and color for an optimum viewing experience, and integrates comments into the layout.

Can Presmo fail to properly optimize a slide?

Yes, and this is a very important since the meaning of a slide can be altered if content is rearranged incorrectly. Presmo works best on slides with simple layouts, and may not work well on complex slides. The app also has the following known limitations: Off-slide shapes, Windows MetaFile images and VML drawings are not shown, and not all series may be visible on mixed charts. a It is very important that you review your slide on an official application (like Microsoft Office) to verify the content of a slide.

How much does Presmo cost?

Presmo is available on Google Play and is priced at $1.99.