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We will utilize qualitative research techniques to identify the non-value added work that is the roadblock to team's success. The input of the individuals that will use the technology is the foundation for the process.

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Microsoft Office Automation

Word, PowerPoint and Excel are the operating system on which most knowledge-based organizations run. Out of the box, these applications are very useful, but this is only the beginning. The customizations possible for Office products are nearly limitless - and can take your team to new levels of productivity.

These are some areas where extending an Office application can help:

  • Importing and transforming data from external sources
  • Manipulating data within Excel
  • Formatting and layout standardization
  • Repetitive copy-paste across applications
  • Creating visualizations and data displays that go beyond the standard charts
  • Utilizing external services like Wolfram Alpha, Microsoft Cognitive Services and hundreds of other available APIs

Spreadsheets versus Databases

Very frequently, users will use a spreadsheet as a database, simply because it is easier to setup. This minimal setup is offset by the difficulty of managing, querying and analyzing data that is stored in a spreadsheet. The result is errors, wasted time and lost insight. And as long as spreadsheets exist this will continue to be a challenge.

We can help you migrate spreadsheets into a database platform of your choice, like MS Access or online applications like AirTable. With such databases you get the power to ask questions and perform computations that are incredibly complex to do with a spreadsheet. You will see significant productivity gains as your employees quickly get their questions answered and spend less time writing formulas.

The solutions we will develop or recommend will require minimal investment, and will be tailored to your organizations requirements for collaborative use, and comfort with cloud based services.

Evaluation of Cloud-based Collaboration Tools

The last 5-10 years has seen an explosion of online project management and collaboration tools. However, there are many companies that are still using Excel, Outlook and email. We will help you identify the tools that make the most sense by looking at opportunities to:

  • Improve collaboration on tasks and project progress
  • Move content and tasks out of traditional tools
  • Reduce email volume

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